Week 1 in the Guatemalan MTC

CCM - Group Photo3 copy



So our P-Day is going to be every Wednesday while I am at the MTC. The time we have been given to e-mail on P-Day is an hour. I have not received your first letter yet, but I will check in on that since it should only take about 5-7 days before they arrive in the mail since you mailed it from Guatemala before leaving.

Thanks for sending a transcript of the blessing I received when I was set apart. The missionaries from Washington gave me a challenge to read my patriarchal blessing at least once every day, and it has been really comforting to know all the blessing that have been promised to me because of my willingness to go on a mission. It is also comforting to read because my companion and I always take the longest when it comes to teaching our mock investigators. I tend to go too in depth with the lessons instead of  just keeping them simple. My patriarchal blessing has promised me that if I continue to stay obedient I will be ale to teach the people of Guatemala in a way that they can understand. I wanted to let you guys know that I have been keeping you guys in my prayers, which I have been saying completely in Spanish, that God may comfort you guys to know that I am where I need to be and that our family will receive blessing from my decision to go on a mission. That is one of the main reasons I decided to go on a mission… since not only do I want to bless the lives of those I teach while on a mission, in addition to blessing my own life by becoming closer to God, but also the lives of my parents and family. I know that you cannot develop faith without receiving trials first- Ether 12:27, but hopefully now will be a period of blessings in your lives after all the recent trials our family has received.

-Your son, Jake aka Elder Cudney


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