A Day Sharing the Gospel in the “Mercado Central”

CCM - Zone1


The reason why we did not email on P-Day last week is because we were going to the Central Market that day. Speaking of the Center Market, since I did not really need to buy anything, I decided to set a goal to give away four Books of Mormon before we left the Market. After hearing Elder Bednar’s talk last week, I realized that I have to take action to try to talk to anyone that I see and not worry about who God has prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel. Just our willingness to act demonstrates our trust in the Lord that everything happens for a reason. So I decided to get Elder Stout, who is from Moses Lake, WA by the way, and we set the goal together. Elder Stout dared me to go up and talk to a women we saw reading the Bible in the marketplace. Unfortunately she informed us that she was Catholic, and she politely declined our invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray if it is true. Nevertheless, if I had never showed the Lord my willingness to bold, we might have just kept heading up to the next floor and we might have missed out on the opportunity to meet Pedro Xeap, a man who God had prepared to hear our message. Pedro told us that he has always had a desire to read “the Mormon Bible,” and asked if he could buy one off of us. He was thrilled when we told him it was a free gift. Although we received another rejection after this amazing experience, we did find others who were interested in hearing about the Book of Mormon, and we did reach our goal of giving four Books of Mormon away. I realize how important to set goals for myself, I know the Lord will always help me to achieve righteous goals.

CCM - Centro Mercado4  CCM - Centro Mercado3

Despite my limitations with Spanish, and even though I’ve been out for only 4 weeks, we were able to convince two Catholics to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I give credit to the Holy Ghost. Through this experience I better understand the significance of D&C 18, and I can’t wait to actually start making a difference in people’s lives.

Con amor, tu hijo Jake aka “Elder Kid Cudney” aka “Mini Mario” aka “Simba”


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