Letter from Jake’s Mission President – Announcing Elder Cudney’s safe arrival in Quetzaltenango

February 17, 2015

Dear Cudney Family,

Your missionary has arrived safely. We love him already and are anxious to work together. Attached is a photo of your missionary on the day he arrived in Quetzaltenango.

This mission has eight stakes and three districts along with six dependent branches. We hope over the next 2 years that at least one or two of these districts will become a stake. Your missionary will have the opportunity to work in many of the seventy different areas of service. Some will work in small villages while others in larger cities like Quetzaltenango and Huehuetenango. Even though Guatemala is small, it has over 250,000 members, six missions and two temples, a truly blessed place with many of the descendants of father Lehi living within its borders.

We are very excited to work with your son. Thank you for supporting him. It will be one of the greatest spiritual experiences of his life.


Rick L. Smith Sister Lynda Smith
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission

E. Cudney, J.


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