More MTC Shenanigans


Buenos Dias Familia,

Thanks for the update on Leah’s surgery. There is actually a sister missionary (hermana) in my District who has a sister with Down Syndrome as well. We both have a passion for helping kids with special needs. That is awesome that Emily enjoys volunteering with Special Olympics, and that I was able to connect her with the organization before I left.

I really want to share the story with my MTC President about the man you taught on your mission who was baptized 22 years later. I have a lot of respect for my MTC President, but it really bothers me when he tells us to ditch a family if they are not willing to get baptized in a week. I don’t think that Christ would ever give up on anyone like that. Imagine, if the missionaries had given up on Alba’s father; he might have never gotten baptized.

I have made some pretty strong relationships with a couple of the Latino missionaries as well, and I gave them my email address before they left. I have already received an email from one of them. There are three missionaries in our district who I have become so close with. It almost seems as if we have known each other forever. The problem is that they are always tempting me into joking around in class when we should be studying. But sometimes we need to joke around once in awhile. The first time we went to the temple last week we told one of the more gullible elders that President Cox signed him up to be the witness couple with one of the sisters he has the hots for. He was so nervous! He kept asking if we were just messing with him, but we did not tell him we were joking until the day of. I joke with almost every missionary, but this particular elder is super gullible. Once I told him that while he was in his lesson that President Cox caught me saying an inappropriate joke, and he took me to his office and lifted me up by my shirt and told me that I was being a bad example as a Zone Leader, and if I say something like that one more time he was going to send me home. Funny thing is, he believed it. After I told him it was joke, he was like “I should have known since I could not picture you saying something inappropriate.”

Our MTC President is like 60 years old, but he is super ripped from doing this exercise video they have here in the MTC. So another elder and I do the exercise video for 30 minutes every day before we play volleyball so that we not only get “spiritually ripped” in the MTC, but “physically ripped” as well.

I have to go now, but I have some more spiritual messages I want to share with you in my next email.

Con amor, Elder Cudney


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