Creative Alternatives to Toilet Paper

Cows wandering the strreets of Xela

Cows just wander the city streets freely here in Xela, and cause traffic jams. What the heck!

Hola Familia,

First, let me give you a few updates on some of the families we are teaching…

  • The “Calidad” family (their true name is “the Perez family”) is actually the investigators of the other companionship that w, which is why they visit them more often then we do. Occasionally we will go over there to teach them as well since they have a good relationship with us as well. But that will change soon, because transfers are coming up this week. Since Elder Darrow and Elder Castillo are Zone Leaders, I have the perk of getting a sneak preview of what is going to happen…which is pretty sweet because “transfers” for a missionary are the equivalent of a cliffhangers on a TV show. We are always waiting with baited breath when transfer come. One thing I know is that both Elder Darrow and Elder Lopez will be transferred tomorrow. Las Flores - FoursomeAlthough both Elder Castillo and I will be staying, both of us will no longer be companions. He and I will both be getting a new companions. That means that the Perez family will become my investigators now. Elder Castillo would really like to see the Santos family get baptized before transfers, but I don’t see how realistic that is considering the fact that they have been taking lessons for 2 years already without getting baptized. I mean they haven’t even attended church for the pass 2 weeks. I have been working really hard with the families in our current teaching pool, and it pains me to to be transferred to the other area. I am hoping that I can convince Elder Castillo to allow me to continue to work with our other three investigator families. Elder Castillo has a desire to help these families progress as well, so I don’t know if he will agree.
  • We had an appointment to meet with Marion last Thursday, but he ended up having to work. So we will have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens with him. Our plan is to bring a member who was once a Catholic priest before being baptized. Hopefully this will help address some of Marion’s concerns. I will let you know how that goes next week.
  • Poor “Piss-Drunk David” is still drinking. I agree with you Dad, it really sad how much Satan uses alcohol abuse to destroys peoples’ lives down here. David is one of those guys who drinks alcohol so much, that he drinks rubbing alcohol because he cannot can’t afford to buy alcohol produced for consumption. He can’t hold down a job and just begs his mom or people on the street for a Quetzal (a Guatemalan dollar) whenever he has the urge to drink.

IMG_0316I am really loving the people. I am building some incredible relationships with some wonderful families. They are so humble and happy here, despite the poverty. We could learn a lot from them. I am finding it easy to lose myself in the work of the Lord.

Just like in the U.S., the missionaries here in Guatemala are also promoting the Church’s Easter media campaign. Since many people don’t have a computer or the internet, we received copies of a video to use with our little portable DVD player. The Spanish campaign is called, “Gracias que el vive.” I assume it is the same video that missionaries are using in the U.S., even though the name of the campaign translates a little differently in Spanish.

I have to go now, so I will leave you with the most comical experience of the week…Elder Darrow rushed to the bathroom the other day without realizing that we didn’t have toilet paper…and most of the time in Guatemala, there really isn’t time to check whether there is toilet paper…if you know what I mean. He called out for someone to find him something to use, and since we didn’t have any other options like napkins laying around the house, I told him that we had a wide variety of other toilet paper alternatives he could use, ranging from a “law of chastity” pamphlet to Liahona magazine. Actually, if you crinkle them up pretty good, they actually get pretty soft. Just one of the tricks I learned.

Love you guys and I hope you have a great Easter remembering that through Christ we can all be made alive, whether that be physically or spiritually.

Con amor, tu hijo, Elder Cudney


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