My First Baptism!!!


As a follow up about “golden investigators” from my last email… Elder Darrow and Elder Lopez thought that it would take a miracle to get Maria Linda baptized, but within a few weeks she had a change of heart and was just baptized and confirmed this Sunday! Elder Lopez and Elder Darrow planted that small seed in her, and Elder Dickson and I were able to cultivate that seed until it began to sprout and grow. We were there to harvest what the missionaries before us had sown.

The stars perfectly lined up for Carlos to baptize his sistDSC00341er on Saturday. He had just received the priesthood the week prior, but he was dead set on having me perform the baptism of Maria Linda for some reason. We were unsuccessful in convincing him to do it. Although it would have been neat to see Carlos baptize her, I felt honored that he wanted his sister to be the first person I would baptize on my mission. Performing my first baptism was truly an amazing experience. I literally felt the abundance of the Spirit present in the baptismal font when Maria Linda came up out of the water.

Now for an update on Alberto. If you recall, Alberto is the gentleman who lives next to the chapel, who showed up last Sunday wearing a suit. We actually ended up moving Alberto’s baptism up to the 9th of May. He came to church again this week, and he also came to Maria Linda’s baptism. It is so cute…after we taught him about the Book of Mormon, and how much it is going to bless his life, he asked us if he could buy one from us. We keep telling him that it is free.

So, on Saturday, May 9th, we will have a baptism, and then Sunday, May 10th, will be Mother’s Day, and I will get to call home, and then Monday is P-Day, and then Tuesday I will be getting transferred. So it is definitely not a bad way to end my time here in Las Flores. I feel my relationships with the members here in Las Flores is very strong. I have not only developed a reputation for being a hard working missionary, but they also feel comfortable with me to joke around and tease me all the time. I have found that there is a sure way of knowing when a Guatemalan likes you and trusts you…if they joke with you and tease you.

My Spanish is improving immensely. I am at a point where I can pretty much understand every thing that people are saying now, and I am able to formulate a responses. My accent could still use a little work, but I think it is a lot better than most accents among the new gringo missionaries. I have been able to convince many people that I am from Seja. Seja is a town where many gringos live.

Okay, I can tell that I freaked Mom out a little with my cliffhanger last week about being sexually assaulted twice since I’ve been here in Las Flores. Sorry to worry you. Let me explain what I meant. The brother of Maria Linda, who was baptized last Saturday, has a 17-year-old son name Oswald. Oswald apparently is gay. Two weeks ago when we ate lunch over at their house, Oswald wanted to sit by me. But instead of just asking me to move over like a normal person would do, he decided to tap me on the butt. He then wrapped his arm around me, and seductively felt up my arm while we ate lunch. Elder Castillo took photos so he and the other missionaries could tease me later. Oswald has also asked my companion and I a lot of odd questions, like whether we sleep in the same bed together so that we could keep each other warm at night. I mean it’s bad enough that we have to have a companion by our side 24 hours per day, 7 days per week! The last thing we want to do is sleep in the same bed.

So, no worries Mom. I’m okay. I love you guys, and I cannot wait to be able to Skype with you in 2 weeks!

Con amor, tu hijo, Elder Cudney


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