Much to be grateful for this week: I am grateful that the Lord placed another “golden investigator” in our path, and I am grateful that I wasn’t the elder who got the chicken head in his soup.

Jake in front of Volcano

The rainy season is just starting here, but I have been staying pretty healthy. I have only had stomach pains once since I have been here, but it only lasted a day. I thought I might get sick this week after eating another strange meal. One of the members of our ward served us a dish called “chowmeng” that contain pretty much every part of a chicken you could think of. Fortunately I did not get sick.

chicken head soup

Even if I had gotten sick after eating chowmeng, I probably wouldn’t have even cared because we ended up contacting another golden investigator that day! Actually, she contacted us! Edith sought us out and wanted to find out what she needed to do to get baptized! Let me know if the questions she asked aren’t golden questions…“where can I buy ‘morcafe’ (a Mormon Coffee alternative)” and “can I still get baptized if the rest of my family remains Evangelicas?” Remember how Alberto asked us if he could buy a Book of Mormon? Well apparently she was under the same impression that she needed to buy one. That is usually a good sign if an investigator thinks they need to purchase a Book of Mormon, and are willing to do so. It usually means that that they are more serious, and that they place a value on the book. We gave her a free copy, and told her it contains the word of God, and that by reading it, she would feel the Spirit more profoundly in her life.

Sadly Edith has a lot of health problems that often prevent from being able to leave her house much. So she will have a challenge going to church and getting baptized. If you guys could keep her in your prayers, perhaps through her faith and our faith, her health conditions will improve.

Alberto has been progressing nicely. He has a very strong desire to be closer with the Lord, and we have really seen him grow so much every day over the past two weeks. It will be difficult to leave my new converts, investigators, and the members with whom I have develop a very strong rapport. Fortunately we are allowed to stay in contact with people that we have developed relationships with from the wards we serve in, as well as the people we baptize. I can even return here when my investigators are endowed in the temple. I very much hope to experience that a year from now.

We moved houses this Thursday so now we are living in the nicest house out of everyone in our Zone. Moving to a nicer place is bittersweet because although I enjoy living in a much nicer place that isn’t infested with flees, at the same time it makes me sad because it kind of takes way from the humble atmosphere that is the Guatemalan experience. My time in the new pad will be short-lived, however, as I will be getting transferred next week. The reason I know so far in advance is because I am companion with a Zone Leader, and the Zone Leaders are always training, and I will be finished my training this week. And yes, there are still lots of dogs that hang out on the street of our new home, but at least there aren’t as many of them. It is almost impossible to live somewhere here where there are no dogs. Remember, there are more dogs than humans here.

Well, I gotta go now. Unfortunately, we got a late start emailing today, and we have a noch de hogar (Family Home Evening) we have to get to at 6pm. This has been a good week! I have much to be grateful for. I am grateful this week that God put Edith in our path. I am also grateful I was not the Elder who got the chicken head in my chowmeng soup.

Con amor, tu hijo, Elder Cudney

P.S. I cannot wait to talk to you guys on Sunday. I am not sure from where I will Skype you guys yet, but it will likely be from one of the members homes.


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