The Chapel in Pancá

panca-chapel a

This is the Chapel in Pancá today. Imagine you are walking through the woods in a very high mountainous area, and you come across an LDS chapel in the middle of nowhere. That is a pretty accurate picture.  It is pretty much the only building in the village…nestled in the trees, with a few scattered homes. Many members have to walk two hours to go to church, followed by a 2-hour walk home after a 3-hour block of meetings. And we complain about driving more than 15 minutes to church when our Stake Center is only 5 minutes away.

The missionaries live inside this chapel. The Church builds missionary quarters attached to the church building in remote areas like Pancá. Perhaps next week, Jake will send photos of what the missionary quarters look like. Jake says that the chapel stands as a beacon to help them find their way home at night, as it is the only building for miles with electricity.

Old Panca Chapel

This is what the small chapel in Panca´ looked like just 3 years ago. The Church tore it down and rebuilt a much bigger chapel to accommodate the growth of the Church in Pancá, and have done the same in many other of these remote villages of the Momostenango Stake. Imagine, one day Pancá may be a Stake Center when they eventually split the Momos Stake. Momos already has over 12 wards/branches spread out over hundreds of miles of rugged mountainous terrain. I’d hate to be that Stake President! Wow!

A side-by-side comparison

Old Panca Chapel Panca Chapel

BEFORE                                                                           AFTER


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