Update on the Man with the Dream and Claudia’s Baptism


Hola Familia,

I wish that Elder Tzoc just held out for one more week. It has become considerably cooler here, and for the past few weeks we have been hit with storm after storm. Elder Tzoc has way more of a work ethic than Elder Amaya, who just seems to being getting more and more lazy. Sadly, because of our lack of hard work, I think the most memorable experiences we had all week was when the lights and water went out in Pancá for 4 days. I just hope that from our experience last week Elder Amaya will be able to realize that our experiences will be way more enjoyable if we are obedient in doing the Lord’s work that we have been called to do. Dad, from your mission experience, do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to inspire my companion to work more?

Despite my companion’s efforts to try to keep us from experiencing the blessing of hard work in the service of the Lord, I had a spiritual experience this week during divisions. I went out with Elder Hohman on Friday to conduct a baptism interview. I saw the Lord’s hand in our work when Elder Hohman introduced me to a family who has seen the blessings that come through faith following the commandments, and entering through the gate of baptism that leads to the path of eternal life. I could see the pure joy that has entered the life of this man and his family. The husband’s mother joined the Church several years ago, and lived 2 years among the Saints before she pass away. Unfortunately the only thing that is preventing them from getting baptized at this time is that his wife is still legally married to an abusive man that she ended up leaving. It was a forced married, apparently. Because of children, she still has contact with him, and he is not granting a divorce. So who know how easy it is going to be to resolve that situation. God has taken the time to prepare the hearts of Edgar and Maria to receive the restored gospel, through the example of his mother, so I have faith that the Lord will pave a way. The trials they have experienced has led them to this point. I hope they find the same happiness in their lives that his mother found before she passed.

Claudia got baptized last week! So that is some good news!

Panca - Claudias Baptism2

I know you are looking for an update on the man that I told you about last week; the man who had a dream about meeting us after losing his job. By the way…his name is Rolando Baten.  We stopped by Rolando’s house 2 times this week, but only his wife was there; who, by the way, is also convinced that we were sent by the Lord to bless their family. She fully believes her husband’s dream is a sign from God.  One of the things I forgot to mention in my email last week is that when I invited him to be baptized, he said, “I was wondering when you were going to extend the invitation, just like you did in my dream.”

During our initial conversation with Rolando, he committed to for sure going to go to church this last Sunday, as he was not able to go the Sunday before. Unfortunately he did not keep that commitment. We may need to keep visiting him so that his dream stays fresh in his mind.  People can have miracles happen in their lives, which can have an immediate impact on them. But then life happens, and the further time passes, we humans tend to forget those miracles. We will have to continue to nourish Rolando with a regular dose of the Spirit to keep it fresh. Only through the constant nourishment of the Holy Ghost, as a constant reminder that God has sent him a clear message through his dream, will his desire to follow that dream grow.

My Spanish is improving every day. Just having Latino companions in a remote area forces me to learn quickly. It has been a while since I have contacted someone who has not been able to understand me; so that is a good sign that I am progressing.

I am so happy to hear that you and dad are having some missionary experiences lately.  That is exciting that Ruth will be getting baptized. I will definitely make sure to keep Ruth in my prayers. I will also keep Grandma in my prayers.

Love you for eternity,



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