The Man with the Dream; the Story Continues


After reflecting more upon the experience I had, in which Rolando saw me in his dream, it help me realize the importance of my decision to serve a mission. Had I not decided to serve a mission, I would never have found Rolando, or anyone else whom our Heavenly Father has prepared specifically for me to find. Who knows, maybe I am the one person who has the best chance of touching that individual. Perhaps we knew each other in the pre-earth life. Maybe I promised those individuals during our per-earth existence to find them, and bring the restored gospel message to them. You never know.

This last week we had the opportunity to help strengthen Rolando’s testimony that we are indeed servants of the Lord. Rolando had canceled his appoint with us this week, nevertheless we decided to stop by his home anyway. When we showed up, we found his family struggling to carry their new pila down to their house. This gave us a great opportunity to serve them by helping them carry it and install it. After we helped lighten the families burden, we were able to sit down with Rolando and his family for a bit. We read to them in the first chapter of 1 Nephi about Lehi’s dream. We shared him how Lehi had received a dream from God, concerning the welfare of his family. Then Lehi had a second dream about the tree of life. In the second dream, Lehi had a profound desire to have his family partake of the fruit upon the tree of life. Lehi knew that by partaking of the fruit of the tree, his family could feel the great love that God had for them. We were then able to draw a parallel of Rolando’s drePilaam with that of Lehi. Both are examples of God communicating with a father in a dream concerning the welfare of his family. We shared with Rolando that our kind and merciful Heavenly Father is looking to bless his family through His servants, the missionaries, to help him and his family receive the restored gospel of Jesus Chris. At the end of the lesson, Rolando told us, “now I am even more convinced that God has placed you in our path to bless my family, for I had been praying in my mind that someone would come to help us move our pila. Then you show up to rescue us.”

[Note: this is what a “pila” looks like. it is a giant sink that weighs a ton. Families in Guatemala will use a pila to wash dishes or laundry, or bathe small children.]

Roland re-committed to coming to Church next Sunday. Hopefully he will keep that promise. Please keep him in your prayers.

This is a faith-promoting experience for my companion as well.  He has never had someone approach him in the mission, let alone tell him that they had seen the missionaries in a dream.  Consequently, he has been a bit skeptical about the whole thing. I am finding that as new developments have been arising, Elder Amaya is beginning to see the Lord’s hand with Rolando. This is exactly what he needed, as he has been struggling lately. And I appreciate your advice dad; I am taking a more light-hearted approach with my companion and with my investigators and with our investigators, and I try not to get too stressed about things. I have noticed a big difference.

This week was a lot more eventful then the last. I was actually able to get my companion to work this week. As I said, Elder Amaya’s attitude toward the mission is improving dramatically. This week my companion and I had a lively debate regarding whether Claudia needed to be re-baptized. At the time of the baptism, I made it known that the baptismal prayer was said incorrectly. However, the two witness didn’t catch it, and when asked about it, they said the prayer was fine. I asked the Zone Leaders and they said, and they told us that there is nothing we can really do. At least I can rest with a clear conscience that I will have clean hands before the Lord regarding this issue.

Con Amor, tu hijo, Jake


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