Having Fun and Being Silly Can Get You Far in Guatemala

Panca - Titanic

I am learning that Chapines [Guatemaltecos] are more willing to keep their commitments when we, as missionaries, strive to develop a strong relationship with them. I have seen that the people love having fun and love joking around. When I have taken a more light-hearted approach, rather than stressing the importance of keeping the commandments, I have found that people are much more likely to make and keep their commitments.  I feel that this carefree and fun approach was instrumental in helping four less active families begin to return to church. I have build some rather strong relationships during my time here in Pancá. Whether these members stay strong after I leave is another question. I take comfort in at least knowing that any exposure to the gospel is a good thing. All we are ever doing is planting seeds.

DSC00530My Little Buddies

These are my little buddies.  These are the kids of a recent convert family I helped reactivate here in Pancá. They are finally back on track to getting sealed together in the temple.

The Mission President requires us to wear a suit to church on Sundays; even in remote villages like Pancá. Believe me if our mission President didn’t require it, I would never wear it. You recommended that I not even bring a suit, considering the fact that you never wore one your entire mission…outside of the MTC of course. I’m glad I brought one. Even though this is the only suit I brought with me, it is still holding up pretty well…probably because I take it off the moment church ends.



Keep the people of Pancá in your prayers. Pancá is really in need of rain as well; everyone’s crops are slowly withering away. Without crops, the people will not have food to eat here.


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