“Someone is trying to abduct missionaries” and “my wallet was stolen”: Two things every parent wants to hear from their missionary son

Panca - soccor1 cropped

I’ve been in my new area for two weeks now. There are more people here than trees! The nice thing about my new area is there is a lot more diverse opportunities to share the gospel, that allows me to better see the Lord’s hand in the work. For example, while my companion and I were looking for a referral from a person we contacted, I felt prompted to head back down the street so we could ask this old lady who was sitting on the sidewalk with her care giver if she knew where this lady we were looking for lived. Although she felt bad that she could not help us, she began to express interest in what we do as missionaries. After explaining to her our purpose is as missionaries, she told us, as she began to sob, that she never felt how great of a love that God really has for her until she began talking to us. Now she wants to begin receiving missionary lessons! Another example is when we were blessed with the opportunity to help a lady carry stools to her home. The lady turned out not to be interested in finding out how the retored gospel could bless her life, but, from our small act of service, she felt the urge to tell her neighbors about two nice boys with white shirts and ties who helped her out that day. Consequently, when we contacted her neighbors this week, they told us that they had been waiting for God to send us to their home. From our small act of kindness to their neighbor, they felt a confirmation that we were servants of God sent to bless their family.

pick-pocketOne exciting thing that happened this week was that my wallet stolen. Yep, I’m back in the big city. It kinda of sucks because I had my usb flash drive inside of it, which had all the church videos in Spanish that took me forever to download. Luckily I only had about 50 queztals in my wallet. I am just praying that the lady who stole my wallet will watch the church videos on the usb flash drive so that she will be interested in taking lessons from the missionaries.

That is awesome that Dustin reached out to my parents, and sent photos. I like to think that the reason we bumped into him was not a coincidence, but a tender mercy from the Lord. To be honest at first my companion and I were at little spooked out when we saw him pull his car up in front of us. Apparently there has been some gringo reported to be traveling around Guatemala trying to kidnap missionaries.

On that note…I must sign off now. I love you!

Con amor, tu hijo, Jake


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