This Week’s Highlights

The best highlight of this week were…

  1. When I found out that the old lady that Elder Dickson and I contacted a couple week ago, and who was convinced we were God’s chosen elect, finally decided to get baptized.
  2. This week I was able to use the trials that our family has experienced, and my experience having a disabled sister, to help another family endure some of their personal trials in raising their mentally retarded son.
  3. One other highlight of my week is when a random man on a motorcycle stopped to tell Elder Salazar and me the following: “In the name of Jesus Christ, one day you will be missionaries for the one and only true church; which is the Christian Evangelical church!” I don’t understand how a random guy on a motorcycle has authority to call us to be missionaries; especially a man who says Jesus is not Jehovah, but yet God and Jesus are the same person. Follow that logic.

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