General Conference

Bald Eagle Door - Crisp

[The photo to the left shows the front door of someones house, featuring a big bald eagle. Jake wanted to show how the area he is in (Las Americas) is very Americanized. Plus he knows how much his dad loves bald eagles].

For General Conference, all the Gringo missionaries went to the Stake Center, which is the chapel in our area, to watch Conference in English.  I think it is way more powerful listening to the apostles’ actual voices. It would just be weird listening to an unemotional voice translating into Spanish, while watching President Erying cry. It loses impact.

I think every missionary gets a little baggy while they are watching conference as they begin to contemplate whether their parents are watching it simultaneously with them.  I think I made matters worse by asking another missionary from Utah how might react if he saw his family when the camera panned the congregation.

What was your favorite talk? I do not know about you, but I thought that President Utchdorf was the MVP of this conference. It was cool to be able to relate to the talk that one guy gave about the Hiawatha trial in the Idaho Pan Handle. When they were showing those photos, I was saying, “hey, I’ve been there!” I thought the talk about the potters clay was pretty good as well. I also enjoyed the talk from the First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, about to how we often look at other people and think that their lives are perfect, when in reality, everyone has their own set of trials they need to experiences. Bradely D Foster gave a great talk about “ponderizing.” You guys should use that to help Regan truly convert to the gospel.

That is wonderful that you had an opportunity to share the gospel with Beth on Sunday. I actually remember telling you guys in one email that I felt inspired that you guys needed to share the gospel with Beth. It is difficult enough to share the gospel with our neighbors and coworkers, we should at the very least have enough courage to share with family members. The gospel really is the greatest gift that we can give to someone; it is the only gift that will bring eternal happiness. I will definitely pray that the Spirit will help create a desire in her to put Moroni’s promise to the test.



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