Set up at the Pastor’s Birthday Party



Sadly it looks like everything came in the package, except the letters and money from you guys. I am more upset about the letters than the cash. [Note: we sent Jake a package for his birthday, but it appears that someone broke into the package somewhere in route. The 8-page/hand-written letter we wrote him, with the $60 cash was taken from the package, and the package was re-sealed. All the other things seem to have made it through. Very strange].

Guadalupe has expressed her desire to be baptized to Sister White. However, now that it has become more of a reality, she is starting to have second thoughts. She is doubting whether it is worth giving up her modeling career. She is also worried about how everyone that knows her is going to react to her decision. We spent some time talking with her yesterday. She feels that the Spirit has testified to her that the Church is true, but is still afraid. We shared with her that those who choose to take up Christ’s cross and follow him will never have to fear, since he will see them through every step of the way. We almost convinced her to set a new baptismal date, but at that very moment, Juan came home from the capital. Juan was totally hung over, and he drove the Spirit out. Fortunately, I received some inspiration from my Personal Study that helped me re-focus Guadalupe. I invited her to be a light to her family and friends, by taking the first step to follow Christ through baptism, so that she may, one day, be able to live together with them for time and all eternity. Sister White later told me that I was able to convince Guadalupe to feel more comfortable about her baptism. Unfortunately I won’t be able to follow up with her this week, as she will be in Panajachel with Sister White… so, we will just have to wait and see if she is able to keep that light going.

As for Marvin… I am not really sure what is going with him. Every time we have tried to meet with him, he has told us that he was too busy… which is not like him.

We are also struggling with our other investigator, Esperanza, as well. Hermano Ixcot has been flaking on his commitment to bring Esperanza to Church. We just committed her again to go with us to Church. But, due to a marathon they had in Xela on Sunday, most of the main roads were closed in the morning, making it nearly impossible for anyone to get to church, including Edgar, who was going to turn down the job opportunity he was offered, which required him to work Sundays. Edgar wanted demonstrate his faith to God, and show faith that God would help him provide for the needs his family. He lost his job, and has been looking for work, but has decided to put God first in his life.

This week Elder Miles and I contacted a family who invited us to join them in a birthday party they were throwing that day. Little did we know that the party was for their pastor. That was a bit awkward to say the least. I don’t think we will continue to teach them… not just because they are far into the Matrix of their church, but because the whole time we were there, they were trying to set us up with their daughters.


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