Staying in “Las Americas!”


Estelita - Christmas 2015 2

Good news! I’m not getting transferred. I will be here in “Las Americas” for the Christmas! My companion, Elder Miles is the one who is being transferred. I think he is being transferred because he lost his patience with the Zone Leaders recently. The Zone Leaders talked to us for 30 minutes about making predictions about what our investigators will do three months from now. We can’t even determine the choices our investigators will make tomorrow!

I’m excited about staying in “Las Americas” (the Celestial Kingdom), where members make me homemade pizza for my birthday, and cook true American Thanksgiving dinners for the missionaries. After this transfer, I will have completed 6 months in “Las Americas.” I was just here with Elder Miles for 3 months, which seemed a lot shorter of time considering how well we worked together. We were teaching enough families to form a new branch. We just need to keep helping the families progress.

I wish I could have been at Stef’s wedding. That is really amazing that you felt Grammy presence at the sealing. I doubt Grammy would have missed attending her own daughter’s sealing.

The time I Skype you guys for Christmas will depend on what time is best for my new companion, and will depend upon how many members invite us over tamales. That is all they eat here for Christmas, since hardly anyone has an oven.


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