After the Miracles: “slow to remember God…”

Yanet 6

Remember that saying in the Book of Mormon about how the Lamanites were “slow to remember God, and quick to do inequity?” Well, that still seems to be the case! The only reason we managed to talk with the familia Escober on Saturday is because we saw the parents through the window! So when they sent their kids out to tell us that they weren’t home, we were able to call “casaca” [lie], because we saw them. Although we managed to talk with the dad, we were unsuccessful in helping him realize that the reason God has not been helping him provide for his family is because his family has still yet to follow the signs that God has given them. They won’t receive His blessings! It is sad.

At least we were able to have a less depressing lesson with the familia Escobar earlier during the week when the bolo [drunk] dad unconsciously flipped us off several times while trying to explain to us the 3 “different” types of women men can marry… 1.) the ones who marry who for interest, 2.) the ones who marry for money, and 3.) the ones who marry for possessions. As he went through the three types of women on his hand, eliminating one finger at a time, he was left with only one finger standing…his middle finger. Apparently that gesture doesn’t mean the same in Guatemala as it does in the States. He counseled us for a half hour, telling us never to marry a woman… because they just want to take advantage of us men.  Again, according to him, the 3 types of women all want to take advantage of men.

Despite the fact Alba received confirmation that joining the Church will bring her more peace in her life, she is looking for every excuse not to get baptized… even though just two weeks ago she asked us how she could develop the faith necessary to not look for excuse to disobey God.

I just hope that this week God can help me realize what I need to do to help these Lamanites to not forget about the spiritual experiences and confirmations they receive when they begin to investigate the restored gospel.


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