Package Delivered!

A week before Christmas, one of my Guatemalan friends in Texas called me and told me they were heading down to Guatemala for Christmas, and that if we sent them a package, they would take it down and personally deliver it to Jake. Well we couldn’t pass up that opportunity… especially considering the fact that the last package we sent him through the mail took a month to get there, and the letters with cash in them were stolen (Lesson learned: the Guatemalan post office runs packages through an X-Ray machine, and if they see money in the box, they will open it and take it. Fortunately, they sealed the box back up, and Jake got the rest of the stuff, but the letters and cash were gone). So, it was nice to be able to send him hand-written letters for Christmas, with cash… personally delivered to him. Thank you Brincker family! You guys are awesome!

Not to be out done, Yanet & Naomi from two of dad’s other areas came up to Xela on Sunday to visit Jake for Christmas!  It warms my heart that my Guatemalan families love Jake and his dad so much that they look out for him. Getting photos like this through FaceBook all the way from Guatemala allows us to live vicariously through them. In a way, we are there with Jake. I’m going to cry now.


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