The Miracle of the Butterflies


Estelita - Christmas 2015 11

Yes, Estelita is a pretty amazing member!  I just hope that I can develop the bond I have with her parents to convince them to join the Church while I am still here. Then I will have another reason to come back and visit Estelita and her family at the end of my mission.  Estelita’s mother, Rosamaria, has wanted to get baptized for a while now, but I finally got Estelita’s father, Mario, to confess that one day he will make the decision to get baptized… after telling me that I will probably still be here when he makes that decision.

If I had the decision between a traditional “Chapin Christmas meal” or an Estelita - Christmas 2015 15“American Christmas meal,” I would choose the “American Christmas meal,” hands down! However, eating tamales is not a bad tradition. With that said, I’m not sure that after I eat several tamales for Christmas, that I would not be surprise if my opinion changes.

Remember how I was telling you guys last week that I wished that I followed the sign earlier to contact the Escobar Family? Well, it turns out that after he hid from us on Tuesday, the family ended up receiving their own sign that this is the path that God has prepared for them. The parents had felt prompted to take a different path on the way home from work this week, and this path led them pass the chapel.  Ironically they had never noticed the chapel there until two butterflies came down from the heavens to grab their attention. The craziest thing is, after they hid from us that night, I actually prayed that God would give them a sign to confirm to them that we were actually sent by Him. And a sign is what they received. Although they told us that they wanted to start preparing themselves for baptism, it turns out it will be a lot harder to prepare them for baptism due to the father’s addiction to alcohol. They ended up not going to church, even though they were the ones who brought it up on Saturday. They didn’t go because their dad was found passed out on the street in Las Rosas.

We are going to Estelita’s home for Christmas Eve. She made eggnog for us on Thanksgiving, but we will see if she will be making it for Christmas as well. I am just grateful that she wants to make a traditional “American Christmas feast” for us as well.


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