Let the Spirit Guide You


God led us to a new investigator this week! My companion and I were on our way to an appointment for which we were running late. On the way, we just randomly made a turn that was in the opposite direction of our appointment, that we were late for, mind you. My companion began asking me why we were turning back, as we were in a rush to get to our next appointment. Although we were not aware as to why we took the turn, God was sure aware. At the very moment we started to turn back, and continue our journey to our appointment, David who has been trying to put himself in contact with us for the past three weeks stopped us in our tracks. Apparently David had had the desire to know the Church, and went out in search of the missionaries. He told us that three weeks earlier, he had felt a strong prompting/desire to go to the church across the street from Burger King. Unfortunately, he was told on Sunday morning that he had to work that day, preventing him from attending church that day.

The bad news is, the family with whom we had an appointment, ended up spoiling Star Wars for me. The good news is they did tell us that if we were able to solve all the doubts they had about the Mormon Church, they would get baptized. The great news is that my companion and I already know how to answer all the doubts they have. It will just take several appointments until we will be able to answer all their questions… because there are a lot of questions.

Through our efforts of following the Spirit this week, we also located a part-member family. We were prompted to go down a street in our area, and ask people if they knew where a man named Henry lived. From our first contact, we were pointed in Henry’s direction. The coolest thing is that Henry’s wife has been inactive for 7 years, but after her father was recently baptized, she decided to come back to church again on the very day we were guided to her. Because we followed the Spirit, we were able to help confirm in Carmen’s mind her decision to come back to church. God is conscious of her, and God was willing to take my companion and If under His wing to guide us to her. When we obeyed God’s promptings, He sent us over to her home to offer her support on the exact day she returned to church. She had not attended church for 7 years!


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