Ward Mission Leader & Transfers


Ward Mission Leader:

[Note from Dad: With my new calling as Ward Mission Leader (WML), I asked Jake what his experience has been working with WML (I never worked with a WML on my mission… I was always in small branched, where I was usually the Branch President). I was hoping to get some ideas from Jake. This is Jake’s response:]

With my first ward missionary leader, we barely had him to do anything other than have him go to the Ward Council meetings with us. He always just make us grind our teeth…. like the time he just went up to everyone on the street and told them to turn there channel to 146 to watch the conference without even letting us explain what it is. The second ward missionary leader I had was definitely the most awesome out of all of them. NOT!! That stupid dog left was just dead weight. We carried around all day. Although it is like pulling teeth to get the ward missionary that we have right now to do anything, he has helped us coordinate several ward missionary activities that have really helped the work to excel in the ward. Another plus is that his wife always makes us breakfast when we come over for correlation. The bad part is… if we want to enact any of our ideas from our correlation, we have to do it ourselves… otherwise, nothing gets done.


Estelita’s father, Mario, finally came to church on Sunday, after having been the ward for 6 months. It was the perfect Sunday for him to decide to attend too! He told us that the messages given in Sacrament meeting was exactly what he needed to hear. He said he felt the spirit testify to him that in the chapel is where he needs to be each Sunday. I have to admit that it is a little depressing that he finally came to that conclusion right before I get transferred. But it is comforting to hear him say that even though I may not be there next Sunday, I can rest in peace knowing that because I never lost my faith in him that, every Sunday he will be found at the chapel. Now that is what makes Sacrament Meeting all worth it! Having that one person being touched by the spirit.

I was kind of ready to have a new area after the two people I thought were for sure going to get baptized decided they were not ready yet to make such a big commitment. And now it is even more likely that Estelita’s parents will be getting baptized very soon, after the spiritual experience Mario had on Sunday.


After 6 months in “Las Americas” I am being transferred. I will not know where I am going until tomorrow, but I am sure that Estelita will let you know through Facebook. I have a feeling I am going back to Momos again after living the high life for 6 months, but it is probably for the best so that I lose all the weight I put on here.  It will now be bitter sweet that I am not going to be here when Estelita’s parents finally get baptized.

[Noted from dad: Estelita reached out to us this morning to inform us that Jake was transferred to another ward within the same city of Xela. He is less than 5 miles from his last area. Estelita shared with us how much Jake “Elder Cudney” has impacted her and her family. She said that he has left a void in their hearts, and that her parents have converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ because of the great missionary efforts and wonderful spirit of “Elder Cudney.” That has to warm a missionary parent’s heart.]


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