Moving 4 miles down the road, and life is looking pretty sweet!


Yes, I’ve been transferred, but I’m still in the city of Xela. I must admit, after 6 months in “Las Americas,” I was a little disappointed to hear that I was staying in Xela. I’ve had it pretty easy for the majority of my mission, living in the big city, and being in affluent wards. I’ve been hoping to be able to get to know some of the different parts of mission… especially the more humble parts. I hear that Huehuetenango is everyone’s favorite area of the mission because it is a lot more like the coast there… people are more receptive to the missionaries. I think it would also be a cool experience serving in Quiche, since the Church is still fairly new there.

I thought that because I had it so easy for the past 6 months that I would be going camping again in Momos… especially considering that those who serve in Momos usually return. At least in every area I have served in Xela, I have been in a different Zone. Because I am still in Xela, it is much more probable that the members from “Las Americas” who told me they want to come and visit me in my new area, will more likely come since I am only 4 miles away. 1-25-16Estelita and her parents are already planning to go to church with me next Sunday. Even though Estelita’s parents are no longer my investigators, maybe I will still be the one who gets to baptize them, when they do get baptized. And it’s possible that Estelita´s parents might not be the only investigators I will end up stealing from Elder Shoemaker. It turns out that the ward that Alba attends with her brother, after he got baptized in November, is the same ward I’m in now! By the way… Elder Shoemaker informed me last night that our decision to drop Alba for a week, has caused her to realize that the peace of soul she has felt every week was as a result of the Spirit she felt during our visits. After her brother learned that I’m now in his ward, he says that he is going to start trying to get her to go to church with him again. We shall see if this is just the change we needed to get her committed to baptism. Furthermore, one of our investigators from “Las Americas” has a friend that lives in my new ward! So I will see if I can get his friend to convince him to go to church again.

I am already starting to love the area! Just this week we found lots of positive families to teach, just around our home.

  • Mirza, who started crying the moment she answered the door due to the spirit revealing to her that we were sent by God to comfort her in her time of trials.
  • Yessica, who told us that she thinks God sent us to her house to help her with her marriage problems.
  • Bryan and Elizabeth, who have always contemplated raising their kids in the LDS faith, after one experience they had attending an LDS Church when they were younger.
  • To boot, Elder Espina was already teaching a lot of positive people, such as the Custodio Family, who helps us out more than members. We are just waiting on his wife’s divorce from her previous husband to be finalized, so that she can get married to her current husband; and then they can be baptized.
  • Eric, who goes to church every Sunday, and reads the Book of Mormon daily with his wife. Eric recently returned from his mission.
  • Delia, who is just hoping that her husband will marry her so that she can get baptized. And her husband never talked to the missionaries until I got there. I used my sense of humor to gain his confidence.
  • Antonio, who was not interest in talking about anything gospel related until we explained to him that we had a message that would explain why there is so much confusion and division within Christianity today. This apparently was the reason why he hasn’t invested much in religion… because the contradictions and lack of unity.

My new companion, Elder Espina, is a missionary who really focuses on building relationships with people. Because of the relationships he has built, there are now a lot of members in the ward who are more willing to help us. He only has six weeks left in the mission, nevertheless, he is not letting up. We have such fun working together, that we had more appointments this week than Elder Espina has had in a long while.



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