Weekly Miracle



In answer to your question… I don’t see the mission as a sacrifice. The reward is much larger than the time we put in. After all the Lord has sacrificed for me, the least I could do is give him two years of my life, even though I don’t believe that he has felt that anything he does for us, feels like a sacrifice to him.

Why do you want to hear about a day in the life of a missionary? We actually have a pretty boring schedule; it is the same every day. The one thing interesting are the people we meet, and the daily miracles. We are not allowed to share our apartments anymore with other missionaries, which is probably my fault for all the pranks I used to pull on Elder Castillo. But the house we live in now is a lot nicer than the one in Las Americas; which I guess it is not really hard to do since all it has to be is a house without waterfalls, poor installation, and moldy carpet. I have really gotten to know many of the ward kids, but Bryan and Elizabeth’s kids, and the family Custodio’s kids adore me so much that their parents have to distract them when I leave; which is not an easy thing.

This Sunday we had 6 investigators attend Sacrament Meeting.

  • Eric, who agreed to fast with us this Sunday to help him receive his answer.
  • The Custodio parents, who are still well on their way to prepare themselves for baptism after their divorce is finalized.
  • Gonzalo, the nephew of the Alba, who was on the verge of getting baptized, who would only come to church activities… at least until I began to befriend him.
  • Delia, whose husband is starting to show progress after he invited us into home this week, despite his wife not being there.
  • Wilmor, who was a contact whom we thought would never accept the gospel, based on the disapproval he gave his sister for talking to us, came to church on Sunday! And to think, we vowed never to go back to Wilmor’s home again, after how unwelcomed we felt there. In the end, God helped us realize that it was actually Wilmor He was preparing to receive the restored gospel.

This week’s Miracle

The best thing we had happen this week, hands down, is when Elder Espina had us look for a girl whom we had recently contacted in our neighborhood. Although I could have sworn we had seen her enter into the house we contacted, it ended up being a family that was hoping God would send them a sign that he was aware of their mom, who was sick; and that he would help her, which was answered by having us mistake the house of someone else.


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