Yes, the miracles are weekly, if you recognize them



One of the things that makes mission work enjoyable is when you find a pastor who doesn’t even understand the doctrine of his own church… like the one we found last week, who told us that John 3:5 does not refer to the need to get baptized, despite the fact that when we asked if we needed to get baptized, he said “yes.” I don’t know of any other scripture that spells out the command to be baptized as a saving ordinance. The pastor also said that “if there were a prophet a God walking on the earth today, [he] would not take ‘the prophet’s’ words as the words of God because the only perfect prophet was Jesus.” That is strange because he considers the words of the apostles and Old Testament prophets as “the word of God.” At least he got the name of his church right, “The Church of Christ”… although he claims that his church is the same church that Christ established in the year 33. Wait, didn’t Christ begin his ministry in the year 30?

The best things of the mission, apart from helping people change their lives, are the miracles we witness every week… such as the chucho [dog] that entered the chapel on Sunday. I know that dog entered the chapel just so my companion and I would chase it out of the chapel, where we found our investigators sitting there outside. And the other miracle this week, when I was prompted to talk about Marco’s kids… which helped his wife have such a strong desire to know if the gospel is true, that she broke out in tears while asking God in her prayer. Or when God prompted a member from Huehuetenango to give of the reference of one of his co-workers… only to find out that it was the same home that Elder Espina and I passed by, when we ignoring the prompting we felt to contact the home during our first week together. After our first visit with this man, he has already begun reading the Book of Mormon, and says that he knows it is true. Finding those whom God is preparing to receive us, is what makes the mission worth it.


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