The Stars are Aligning


All 3 of our investigators that have baptismal dates came to church this Sunday, which is awesome because they all now have more than the attendance necessary to qualify for baptism.

Our first investigator, who will be baptized on Wednesday, is Christian. Christian is actually a gift from God. When his friend had given us the referral, Christian had already attended church multiple times with his friend. Christian actually asked his friend if he could go to church with him. He has always debated whether to be Mormon, but wanted to acquaint himself with church before making his decision… which is pretty spectacular, since most people do not seek out the Mormon Church considering how much devotion and sacrifice comes from being a Mormon… until they realize it really isn’t a sacrifice.

Our second investigator, Mirna, is going to get baptized on the 5th of March. Mirna started balling the night we first contacted her, because she was so overjoyed to see us. Due to a some minor problems that have been recently occurring in her life, we were actually concerned that she was going to stop progressing towards her goal to be baptized. She was forgetting what was really important in the eternal scheme of things. She told us that she didn’t think she was going to attend church this Sunday. However, after praying that our words would resound in Mirna’s mind and that if she continued putting God first in her life, it would be easier for her to resolve her personal problems before leaving her home on Sunday. Right when I finished praying, we received a message from Mirna informing us that she would meet up with us at the Church. You know, prayer real does work!

Our third investigator, who is being baptized the 12th of March, is Gonzalo. I have been trying to befriend Gonzalo for some time. At first he did not want to accept our invitation to be baptized. He felt my sincerity, as his friend, and truly feels that I only want what is best for him. During our next appointment he informed us that he had had the chance to pray, and he had received his answer, and now wants to be baptized. Gonzalo also expressed a desire to serve a mission so that he can help others receive their answers, the same way he did.

unspecified9I am worried that at the next transfers, I might be training or might be called to a District or Zone Leader role… especially after my last interview with President Smith. Our whole zone recently had interviews, and many missionaries became demoralized after the APs and the President scolded us. Rather than scolding me, like he did the other companionships, the President just thanked me for my example to the Zone, and told me to keep helping my companion to work hard. I thought I was going to get ripped to shreds more than anyone since I was the last one to have my interview with him. I assumed he was going to take all his anger out on me for the disunity in the Zone.

It is almost certain that I will be staying in this area since my comp will be leaving in the middle of next transfers. I am not sure if the Mission President will just keep him with me, or if I will be put with another companion until he goes. Or the President might send him with the Zone Leaders to die. I at least should have one more transfer cycle to convince the President NOT to promote me to a leadership role. I hope that President Smith leaves Elder Espina with me! Espina is worried that if the President sends him with anyone else for his last 2 weeks, he is not going to want to work. He says I will actually make him work till the end because I make it fun.


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