“Let the Holy Spirit Guide”


We are going to have to wait a little longer before we baptize Mirna. She still wants to be baptized, but we don’t feel that she has shown she is ready to keep the covenants she will be making. She still lets worldly issues distract her from what is most important.

Christian’s baptism was unforgettable! The spirit that was in the room when Christian was immersed in the water was so strong, you could almost touch it. Prior to his baptism, Christian was pretty sure that he wouldn’t serve a mission due to his studies. However, after seeing how much he radiated leaving the font, I imagine his view may change. In fact, he told me that he could not just keep that light to himself, but that he felt a need to share it with others. Unfortunately the strong spirit completely vanished when an intruder entered the church to disrupt things. We initially assumed the guy was a friend of Christian, but after Christian left the baptismal font, the guy began threatening to assault those in attendance if we didn’t give him money. Luckily we were able to stop him from destroying Christian’s special moment by convincing him to leave before Christian finished changing out of the baptismal clothes. Luckily, Christian never saw him, but the guy changed the mood in the room, sadly. It was definitely one of the most interesting baptisms I have ever attended. Too make the baptism even more interesting… we had to plan everything last minute because our Ward Mission Leader couldn’t even complete his most important job, which is to plan the agenda for the baptism.

This week we also managed to set a baptism date with Marco and Natalia. Marco had expressed to us that he was waiting to receive his answer through a dream. During a conversation with Marco, it became clear that he had already received and answer through the Spirit… We just had to help him understand that feeling he was experiencing was the Holy Ghost. It turns out that the Holy Ghost had already confirmed to him the truthiness of the restored gospel. He finally came to admit that he had a dream in which he saw himself getting baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He and his wife were debating whether or not that was their answer.

Delia might finally be able to fulfill her desire to be baptized sooner than expected. This week he invited us in despite his wife not being home when we arrived. He had a good experience at a recent Elder Quorum activity, playing soccer, which helped open doors, making him more receptive.

To make this week more interesting… the pastor that we met a couple of week ago called us to invite us to dinner so that he could explain to us that we need to teach our investigators that every day is the Sabbath Day. He probably teaches his followers that so he can get them to attend church every day to pay him tithing. Who knows? The guy is a bit strange.

Despite having a baptism on Wednesday, this was somewhat a discouraging week. Many of our appointments fell through this week. Success is the only thing that keeps my companion motivated, so it was difficult to keep him from wanting to go back to our house early on Friday. I, on the other hand, was not going to be satisfied until we found a least one more family to teach. I was not sure where we would find a family, so in desperation I prayed that God would lead us to where we needed to go. The Spirit guided us to a place, but when we arrived, we still had no idea who we needed to talk to. Suddenly two little kids began to engage us in a conversation. They led us to their home where we met the rest of the family. The family was so intrigued with our message, that they called us the next day inviting us to come back to answer the questions they had after reading the Book of Mormon.


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