A Special Visit


This week Jake received a special visit from some old friends. Estelita and her parents from “Las Americas” dropped in on Jake’s new ward on Sunday.  I asked Jake if Estelita’s father had finally set a baptismal date. Here is Jake’s response:

“Sadly Estelita’s parents have not set a baptism date yet. It seems that after I left, and once I stopped visiting them, their progression stopped as well. Our job as missionaries is to just share the gospel with everyone with whom we come in contact. God will prepare them to receive it someday. The spirit is not going to ever let them forget the day we shared the gospel with them.”

This photo was sent to Tammy and me by Estelita on Sunday night via FaceBook. I extended a challenge to Estelita’s parents to get set a date of December, when we come down to pick up Jake from his mission. What a great finish to his mission to witness Estelita’s parent’s baptism!

Jake had developed a pretty strong bond with Estelita’s father. Jake said, “I think he considers me to be the grandson he never had.”


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