Ever Humble

In a recent email to Jake, I expressed how impressed I have been with how in tune with the Spirit Jake seems to be, as every email he sends each week demonstrates how he and his companion are guided to find individuals; whether through being prompted to turn right down a particular street, or knocking on the wrong door and finding an individual who seems to tell them “I just literally got done praying that God would send messengers to me to guide me.”  Jake’s response is one of humility, that we have come to expect and have grown love and cherish from his emails:

“I believe that the reason why I have been able to see so many miracles throughout my mission isn’t necessarily because I’m more righteous, but it more has to do with realizing my imperfections… which help me to be more dependent upon the Lord. I think it is through realizing that I cannot do things myself that leads God to be merciful with me. Really, none of us deserve God´s blessings, but rather he desires to bless us because he is very merciful to those who seek his help.”

The Baptism of Christian

I then asked Jake why another missionary was performing the baptism of Christian, one of Jake’s investigators/converts. This was his answer:

unspecified“The missionary who baptized Christian was the missionary who began teaching him. To help him start going to church, his friend first brought him to his ward, and then gave us the referral as we were the missionaries in Christian’s home ward. When I came to this ward, Christian had yet to commit to baptism. Without even knowing Christian, and where he was at in the growth of his testimony, we felt prompted to teach him the Word of Wisdom… which turned out to be the one thing the other missionaries hadn’t addressed, and that was the one thing keeping Christian from making the final decision to get baptized.”

New Greenie Companion 

It looks like I will not have to keep motivating my companion to continue working! Elder Espina is now the responsibility of the Zone Leaders! And my fear of being promoted has become a reality. Starting tomorrow, I will be taking care of a newborn instead of a veteran. I’m getting a greenie right out of the MTC!



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