Answers to questions from Mom and Dad

Q: Who is the boy with you in that photo?

A: The little boy in the photo with me is Javier.unspecified10 Javier is a little boy from “Las Americas” who would always come and sit by me in sacrament meeting and who would just dote over me. His grandparents decided to bring him up to Las Rosas to visit me.  The grandpa was actually one of my investigators, but he is totally against having religion; which made converting him a pretty hard process. But he always enjoyed having me over to his home.


Q: Did you hear about the three missionaries in Belgium who were caught in a terrorist bombing?

A: I am pretty lucky to be serving in Guatemala because I don’t think that anyone would ever launch a large terrorist attack here.


Q: Tell us about your new greenie companion. Is he adjusting? Do the members in your Ward like your new greenie companion? How is his Spanish coming?

A: My newborn’s name is Elder Johnson, and he is from Utah; which makes coming to Guatemala an even bigger change to adapt to. He is always complaining about how many fleas there are, but I don’t even feel them anymore. He’s been picking up Spanish really fast, but I still usually try to talk to him in Spanish while we are in the street or studying inside the house. Because my trainer could not even speak English, of course he only spoke to me in Spanish.

The members almost always love the new greenie missionaries; they find it entertaining I guess. I am still trying to hold strong to the exercise program, but I have noticed that the longer I have in the mission, the less energy I have.

Anytime we get on a bus, we always hang on for dear life from the side of the bus. We hang on the side because I would rather die falling off the bus over of slowly suffocating myself amongst 30 other people in a bus that only fits 10. My “newborn” companion asks if it is okay to hold onto the side was actually a true story. I think I remember being pretty incapable of doing things myself my first weeks in the mission, but I don’t remember being so incapable that I just bought  whatever my companion bought at the store.


Q: Do you have to cook in your new area, or do member feed you like they did in “Las Americas?” Do you have filtered water where you live, or do you have to boil your water?

A: Because the stoves they give us suck bad, I only cook when I have to. This week I had to cook lunch for us twice, since my companion can’t cook, and because we didn’t have lunch, as many members were on vacation for Holy Week. You really think our apartment would have filtered water? I usually fill up my water bottle with our water jug before I leave, so I don’t have to buy soda when I am thirsty… besides, we cannot even drink soda with caffeine in our mission. For dinner, I usually just make a sandwiches or Top Ramon noodles, since just cooking that takes a half hour with our crappy stove!


Q: It has been raining a lot here. Has the rainy season started down there yet?

A: We still have a few months of summer left to enjoy before the rainy season kicks into gear, and it will rain non-stop till October. If the people there in Panca stopped robbing God of tithes and offerings, maybe God will stop robbing them of the rain.


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