In the gospel, it does not matter how your old life was, what matters is how you want to live your new life



I miss BBQ so much! In Xela all they ever eat for lunch is chicken… every single day. Occasionally I do get “boo,” but when I do, it only last a few days and then goes away. For example, I had “boo” about two weeks ago, but after 2 days, I was fine. It might be true that my stomach is stronger than dad’s. I remember that the week we were together, I didn’t get sick, but dad did. I wouldn’t say that Guatemala is now cleaner than it was 23 years ago, when dad was here. Now there is 23 more years of accumulative garbage here… but seriously, they are probably more educated now about sanitation. My poor companion has been getting sick almost every week though, but he is good about bearing through it.


The best thing about being a trainer is that it really helps you be more self-sufficient. You see, when you are a trainer, you can’t really depend on your companion because he depends on you. I would definitely say the hardest thing about training is not being over-dominant by doing everything… even though you can do things a lot quicker and more efficiently than your companion. If you don’t force your companion to do things, he will more than gladly let you do everything.


We are actually going to have a baptism this Saturday! After only three weeks of teaching Maria Fernanda, she is being baptized! She is definitely a tender mercy from the Lord. It is not every investigator who attends three consecutive weeks in a row. And then right after finding the person, and after they attend church the first time, they say that they have received an answer, and that they know they need to be baptized! Even though she was a little hesitant about accepting a baptism date at first, and even though she had her wisdom teeth surgery pending, she still had a desire to be baptized as soon as possible. The date is April 16th… the very next day after her dentist informed her that she was going to need surgery, which was just perfect timing because it allowed her to watch General Conference from her home, and she was still able to get three attendances before the 16th.

In the gospel, it does not matter how your old life was, what matters is how you want to live your new life… which is made possible through Christ.


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