A Case of Mistaken Identity / Hit by a Car / and a Disruption in the “Space Time Continuum”


The missionary training program is just 12 weeks, so in about 6 weeks my “son” (junior companion / trainee) will leave the nest. For a moment, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to finish his training. The Stake President mistook us for 2 other elders, whom he had seen out walking the streets with a girl after 9:30pm. The Mission President had the Zone Leaders call. Us. The Zone Leaders began yelling at us without knowing all the details. It turned out that the Stake President had gotten us mixed up with other elders serving in the other ward. I guess the Zone Leaders figured it out when they saw how unserious I took the whole phone call. I told them to go ahead and tell the President that I also made out with her. I figured that they were just messing with us.

Believe it or not, but that was just one of the few interesting things that happened this week….

For starters, my “son” almost got me killed on the way to church yesterday. He still hasn’t gotten used to cars that don’t yield to pedestrians; or to buses for that matter. Instead of crossing the bus from behind, were you can see if there is a car coming, he crossed from the front. untitled4And in a rush, he ran out in front of an oncoming care, barely escaping getting run over. I, on the other hand, in a rush to follow him, wasn’t as lucky, and I struck. Luckily, the driver slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting my companion, which slowed down the impact when he hit me. Don’t worry, I wasn’t harmed. The Lord was looking out for me… probably because I was rushing to get to church on time to take the sacrament.

Sunday was not the only day that we attended church. We got sucked into going to some Evangelical church. We were invited into the home of someone who didn’t warn us that they were waiting for their friends to arrive for worship service. Apparently we have been initiated into their church. Supposedly the prayer that they offered for us before we told that we had to leave, is their initiation process; equivalent to being baptized. All I know is that a General Conference prayer doesn’t even come close to the length of an evangelical prayer, where they just repeat the hoki poki over and over and over again.

Then during our district meeting, the elders from Cantel told us about family who had given them a ride, and had told them about how my companion and I always come over to their home to visit them (specifying us by name). They told the elders from Cantel that they are thinking about going to church with us. Funny thing is that we had no idea who they were. With the earnest desire to find these people who seemed to have been prepared to receive us, we prayed all week hoping that the Spirit would guide us to them. And what do you know? Out of all the homes we could have contacted during the week, we happened to knock on their door. And we were received just as if it hadn’t been the first time we had come there. And this was the first time we had met, mind you.

That’s not even all… On top of all that craziness… my companion locking the keys inside our house, so that we couldn’t get in. Fortunately, I have had a companion from the capital I was able to use no more than a quetzal to open up the latch of the window that allowed us to enter.

In continuing our crazy week, we also found two inactive members of the church because we listened to the spirit who told us to pass by Marisela’s home, even though she told us she wasn’t going to be there. When we got there, we found her inactive mother, who had been staying there for the past couple of days because he was sick. Get this… her mother had been praying to God to send her someone to give her a blessing, which is when the Spirit guided us there to remind her that God loves her, and He sent his missionaries to her so she could receive His blessing. We found another inactive member while we were again following the prompting of the Spirit. We knocked on the door of a home that turned out to be the home of an inactive member who had been praying that God would reveal to her if she should continue in the LDS faith, or go back to being an evangelical. Long story short, she took us arriving at her home as a sign.

But the greatest miracle of the week would have to be the Jehovah Witness father of a family we are visiting. It just so happened that he had his wisdom teeth pulled out on the day that we taught his family the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was there so strongly that the mother cried in her prayer when asking God if what we had just taught her was true, and the way her family could live together forever.


The baptism of Maria Fernanda turned out very well; despite the fact that everyone was on “Chapin standard time,” which caused the service to be delayed while we just sat with our investigator for an hour in the chapel waiting for people to arrive! It is always an amazing experience to be able to officiate the baptism ordinance.unspecified6 In the water, you can really feel the sanctifying power that baptism has. However, I regret not filling the font up higher. I had to dip her down pretty low to get her submerged. But a least she is small enough that it didn’t make it too hard.


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