Some Investigator Updates

Just a quick update on the work here in the mission field:


Mafer, the young women who was recently baptized (she is actually 26; although she looks 18), is still going strong,unspecified6 and is still attending church regularly… although two Sundays ago she had family in town for her birthday, and she was sick this last Sunday. Regardless, she is faithful. She is not married currently, but she is no doubt a new face in the young single-adult pool. And based on all the attention she has received so far, I would not be surprised in a year from now that she will be getting sealed in the temple.


After receiving an answer through a dream over three months ago, in which she was dressed in all white on her baptism day, unspecified2Natalia has finally attended church three consecutive times, and is now me the requirements to be baptized. Going back to when we first met Natalia and her husband… The first time we met Natalia she had just finished praying that God would send someone to give her sick husband a blessing. Enter the Elders.


This week my testimony of the power of the fast was really strengthened.  We had completely lost tabs on Willy and Juan Menchu. We thought we would never run into them again, after they disappeared so long ago. Before disappearing, they had accepted the invitation to be baptized. We were able to re-commit them both on Saturday night to come to church. After having not received a single visit from the missionaries for over 18 years, they accepted the invitation to attend church on the day that Yanny held fast out of desperation. In answer to her prayers, the Lord sent her the missionaries. Yanny had also been going through a very difficult trial with her mom having cancer. We showed up at her door on that very day to witness to her of the power of fasting.


This week Heavenly Father gave us the spiritual prompting to visit a past investigator family. They had studied with the missionaries in the past, but according to the notes in the investigator book, the husband was never able to attend church because he worked on Sundays. Thanks to God’s grace, the wife of the family just happened to step outside at the very moment we passed her home. She needed help moving some furniture, which provided us with the perfect opportunity to get in the door. We discovered that the husband no longer works on Sundays, and we resumed teaching them.


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