I have never seen any other investigator do that in Guatemala.


We have a baptism scheduled for May 28th with Natalia, who, after 15 years of investigating the Church, and after ignoring the confirmation she received from a dream she had two months ago in which she was baptized, is now finally following the promptings she received from the Spirit.

We had an appointment with a family that I was certain was going to fall through because they made sure to stress that they were Evangelical Christians, which is usually what people say as a polite way of telling you they aren’t interested. For some unknown reason, at the time, I felt prompted to give them the benefit of the doubt. , which resulted in us being able to find It turns out they are a part-member family, who had been offended 3 years ago, and are now desiring to coming back to church. They have a desire of being sealed together as a family in the Temple. Only the two parents aren’t baptized. They have four children, which doesn’t hold a candle to your family of 10 Dad is currently working with. That is crazy! You would think it was a family of “watchalalas.” [watchalal is an native indigenous Guatemalan… apparently they have large families].

Sometimes we may not fully comprehend why we feel prompted to do something. We just need to put our confidence in the Spirit. Even though I didn’t fully understand the need for giving this Evangelical Christian family the benefit of the doubt, we obeyed the promptings of the Spirit. We were also blessed to be able to help a lady carry her bags into the house. This lady then informed us that she had been praying that God would send her help with her daughter, which led us to share a message about how restored gospel allows parents to have all that is necessary to raise a happy family.

The most merciful experience of the week was helping stop a marriage from ending in divorce. We followed the promptings of the Spirit and convinced the wife, who was planning to move out that same day, that the power the restored gospel has the ability to fix families that have been torn apart by the trials and tribulations that sometimes happen in life.

SAM_3782Transfers are next week. Now that Elder Johnson will be competing his training, he will probably stay in this area, while I will probably be transferred… which sucks because we have two baptisms that are scheduled for June; Juan Menchu and Anaytee. These baptisms are pretty certain to happen… Anaytee, after 3 weeks has yet to miss a Sunday, which is something I have never seen any other investigator do that in Guatemala. She is the first! Juan Menchu is so positive that there is no doubt in my mind that he will be a future bishop someday. The gospel of Jesus Christ has filled that void he has felt in his life to the point that he takes advantage of share the Book of Mormon with everyone he meets, every chance he gets. He has told us that many of his family and friends have even criticized him for thinking about becoming a Mormon. His commitment to the gospel is so strong that he almost got himself fired for fighting with his boss, who tried to get him to work on Sunday, knowing he had to go to church.


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