Finally Leaving Xela!


[Jake has spent nearly one year of his mission in the city of Quetzaltenango (Xela)… three separate areas with the city of Xela, with one brief stent in the small village of Panca. We are receiving word from our contacts in Guatemala that Jake has been transferred to a small village near the border of Mexico, several hours north of Xela, in the Huehuetenango Zone… a small village called Santa Ana Huista]

I am not ready to leave Las Rosas yet. There is still so much potential in this area! Besides, we have two baptisms coming up next month! I have grown to love the people I have had the privilege to teach here. The actions of the new members have really shown me how grateful they are that we gave them the opportunity to know the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I guess I am leaving with piece of all those that I worked with in this area. Maybe by having changes, even though it sucks, it will allow me to finally get out of Xela. I eat a lot of fast food in Xelaunspecified6. Eating fast food just makes me sick now that my stomach has adapted to just eating eggs, beans, and tortillas. It wouldn’t really even matter to me if I wasn’t able to eat at McDonalds or Pizza Hut for the rest of my mission. Last week I got a parasite from eating at McDonalds! Guatemala is a lot more developed now than it was when dad was here. I just simply had to take a pill that completely cleansed me out, if you are catching my drift, and then I felt fine. Poor dad, I couldn’t even imagine having to feel parasitical pain your whole mission.

I will definitely miss training a new missionary. There is something about being able to see the emotional and excitement that a new elderunspecified3 has when he experiences something for the first time… like the excitement that Elder Johnson had getting to baptize someone for his first time. He was so nerves that he had to dunk her 5 times to get Natalia fully immersed. I gave him props though… as you can see in the photo, it wouldn’t be the easiest first-timer baptism. Despite the technical difficulties, you could feel through Natalia’s testimony afterward that the she was still able to feel that cleansing power when she was finally fully immersed… even though it was discouraging for her to have to get dunked so many times.

I don’t know where I am being transferred to. They don’t inform the zone leaders where we are being transferred. We have to have an “inside connection” with the A.P.s to be able to know ahead of time where you are going.


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