Elvis and Fabiola


This is my companion’s third transfer after opening this area. But it feels like I pretty much got white washed because he only had two families that he was teaching when I arrived. Most of his attention had been focused on a family of 7 who lives right next door. I eventually got my companion to notice a smaller family of 4 that lives just next door of the family of 7, who was much more open to the gospel. In fact, they were just baptized this weekend! However, it definitely wasn’t an easy process! After Elvis and Fabiola committed to being baptized, the adversary  began to conspire against them. First, their family members began to give them a hard time. But not only did this help them see how living the gospel blesses the family, it also led them to have an even stronger desire to be baptized! Just when we thought we weren’t going to run into any complications, we got an urgent call from Fabiloa saying that they had bad news for us, and that they needed us to come to the house as soon as possible. Now Fabiola and Elvis are always playing jokes on us, so we thought we would get there and find out that they were just pulling our chain, and that they just wanted to celebrate their decision to be baptized. Upon arriving to the house however, we noticed by the tears rolling down their faces that this wasn´t one of their jokes, and that something had actually happened. We learned that Elvis´s father threating to kick them out on the street if they got baptized. This was particularly devastating to them because Elvis doesn’t have consistent work, and they have two little children to take care of, with another one on the way. After asking them if they think that God would help them follow his son Jesus Christ if it is something he has commanded us to do, Elvis told us that they were going to move forward with their decision, with faith that God would provide. No soon had they made their demonstration of faith, than we began to see the hand of God at work. unspecified15The first sign was when the Branch President called us to tell us that he felt impressed to start looking for housing and employment opportunities for Elvis… and he didn’t even know the situation!  That was followed by Fabilioa having a dream about finding money; sufficient enough to buy food for the week. And this dream actually led to her to actually find money! And then that dream was followed by Elvis having a dream that he finally managed to sell his motorcycle, which was followed by the Branch President informing him that he knew of someone that was looking to buy a bike. The thing that really calmed their nerves about potentially getting kicked out of the house was when Elvis received more hours at work on the week before his baptism; more hours than any other week he’s ever worked! It is amazing watching the Lord at work.

[By the way, here is a fun fact: Elvis’s brother is married into the family of 7].

Just when we thought that we weren’t going to run into anymore problems before the baptism, my companion flooded the chapel 5 minutes before the baptism… but I will have to tell you how we overcame that problem next week.


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