When it rains golden investigators, it pours golden investigators


Here is the story behind my companion flooding the chapel… My comp was super anxious about not having the font filled up in time, so he went ahead and turned on the cold water again, along with the hot water, after being instructed not to. He then figured out why he was instructed only to turn on the hot water. When we showed up to the chapel, we discovered that it was so flooded that there were streams of water exiting the front doors of the chapel.  Luckily that LDS chapels don’t have carpet, and Guatemalans are less punctual than Americans. This gave an hour to sweep out the water despite the fact that my companion and I showed up only 5 minutes before the wedding and baptism was supposed to start.

Due to the extraordinarily strong testimonies that Fabiola and Elvis have in regards to unspecifiedL28DQ2B4living the gospel and how the gospel blesses families, I wouldn’t be surprised if, unspecifiedTDHRCFQXafter going through the temple a year from now, that they will be called as Branch President and Relief Society President. Their level of enthusiasm far exceeds that of people who have been members of the church their entire lives. Not only are they always willing to go out with us of visit, they have been happily doing their home and visiting teaching even though their knowledge of the gospel is still limited. Upon going to the temple with the Branch this last week, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the only ones that came prepared with names to submit.

The Branch President must have seen the same potential that I have since not only did he just go ahead and give him the Aaronic Priesthood right after being confirmed, which I am pretty sure is not allowed, he also already called him to be branch secretary. Even though I felt like that was a little too much to put on his plate at once, they adjusted their new life of no drinking or partying so fast that you would think that they have been members their whole life.

Alright now we are also teaching a single father name Urial who reminds me of Gru from “Despicable Me”  because he has a shady past being ex-military, but now that he has 3 girls to raise, and dedicates himself to cooking, sowing dresses for his girls, and reading them bedtime stories. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as the unspecifiedWX81IHRXBranch President in a year from now either. His baptism date is not until July 30th, but he is already a great attribute to the branch… more than the majority of members in the ward, and a better Elders Quorum teacher than the one that we have now who just makes people just read random scriptures. This guy learns so fast! Just after having one lesson with him, he was so determined to receive an answer that he knelt and prayed after reading through 1 Nephi 13, and told us that upon feeling that this was the happiest he had ever felt all his life, and cried like a baby to the point that his daughters woke up to comfort him. Even though I didn´t know why I felt the need to stop and buy some corn from him the day we met (especially when I don´t even like the corn of the cob here) – which is by the way what he does as a living. Now I know why God put him in our path.

We also managed to find a lady this week named Marisa who was already determined to get baptized after briefly explaining to her that, through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, she could be with her family for time and all eternity. The greatest miracle lies in how we found her. unspecifiedYMVOMHF3We were trying to locate where Uriel lived. We returned a call from a unknown number that we later discovered was Marisa’s number. Upon calling the number again, we learned where Marisa lived. When we arrived at Marisa’s home, we soon came to realize that not only did Uriel not live there, but she didn’t even know who he was, nor did she know how he used her phone to call us since she had her phone on her the whole time. Upon dialing the number that Uriel gave us in the first place, we then managed to locate his home as well. You cannot deny that being a miracle.


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