Guatemalan Gru


It is not me that you should thank for taking so many photos this week. You should thank my companion. Hopefully he rubbed off on me a little. He is being transferred tomorrow. Initially I was supposed to be transferred as well. The A.P.s called us last Monday to inform us that we had to spend the week introducing the other pair of missionaries in Tojocaz to our investigators, because they were going to shut us down. You could imagine how devastated I was to receive such news… especially when we had a baptism scheduled for later in the month… Uriel (a.k.a. Gru) and his little girls. Upon realizing that we had three confirmed baptisms for the month of July, the A.P. decided to leave both our areas open.

Uriel shed a little more light on his past this week. Apparently his past life included drug dealing, and a corrupt career in military. Now he is excited about freeing himself from his guilt upon being baptized. This change reiterates why he reminds me of Gru from “Despicable Me.” Especially when you see how his little girls have transformed him into a goofy dad that plays princess with them, without any shame. Uriel looks to be an awesome member of the church, but he did scare me a little this week. We stopped by this week and found his ex-girlfriend in his home with nothing on but a towel. Luckily God calmed my nerves when we ran into Uriel working moments later. He explained that his ex-girlfriend that she was just there to get the rest of the stuff she had left in his home upon their break-up 3 months ago.


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