Tender Mercies


[Note: Estelita came from Xela this week to visit Jake in Huehuetenango]

Seeing Estelita in the chapel was definitely a tender mercy on a Sunday filled with many tender mercies. On Sunday we saw the Spirit effectively changing the hearts of the extended Xutuc family toward the Church. God has been merciful to me. I did not initially follow the prompting of the Spirit to contact the Xutuc family. The Spirit had the father track us down. He is seeking to help to be reactivated in the Church, and is wanting the rest of his family to accept the restored gospel so that they can have the happy family that comes through living the commandments. To boot, I am finally able to teach a family with a child with Down Syndrome!

Uriel and his daughter’s baptism date for the 30th is still looking good. God allowed him to go to church on Sunday with his daughter’s return date to school getting pushed back by one day, which allowed him to pick them up from his wife’s house today instead of yesterday, which is such a tender mercy considering the fact that he wasn’t able to go to church last Sunday due to his ex-girlfriend having to get her stuff out of his house. Uriel has been feeling desperate due to the problems he has been having recently with his ulcer. It really was a tender mercy that he was able to go to church this Sunday, to feel a confirmation from the spirit that everything was going to be okay with his health. After teaching him the Word of Wisdom he now turns down the offer anytime someone wants to give him coffee.

NEW COMPANION:  With changes being so unorganized this transfer, I had to move all the furniture from our house to the other elders’ house Supposedly the Zone Leaders were supposed to put me in a trio with a new elder that was going to be coming to the area. And one of the elders from another companionship until an elder who went home sick and returned to the mission. In the end, I just packed everything up for nothing! I ended up receiving a new companion that is from Honduras, who is from the same group as me, which is great because we already had a relationship before becoming companions.


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