8/14: Some Investigator Updates

All week I tormented myself, contemplating why Uriel kept coming up with excuses not to connect with us this week (bogus excuses, such as his family members feeding him at such a crucial moment in his conversion), it was such a tender mercy to be able to hear from Uriel when he did a surprise drop by on Saturday. He told us he was ready to meet with President Smith. The disappointing part is that President Smith feels he still needs a little more time to strengthen his testimony before being baptized.

The big Xutuc family is looking good to be baptized within the next coming weeks, having 3 constant Sundays of going to church… Whereas before, they could even manage to attend twice in a row.

We also have another new family we are teaching that is looking good for baptism in October. They have been very receptive towards us. Their father felt the prompting when he saw us that if we crossed the street to go talk to him it was going to be because we were going to be the help that he has been praying for God to send him. The only problem is that we can’t determine whether to say “yes” to everything we say. Their first language is Mum, and because they cannot understand us very well, they just say “yes” to every.

Currently we are also teaching three single mothers who would probably be considered dumb blondes if they lived in the states. But because there are not any blondes, in Guatemala I am guessing here they might be called dumb brunets. They always seem to get way off track during the lessons, asking us random stuff such as whether we think an evil spirit could have stolen their hair gel, just to mess with them, when in reality, they ended up just miss placing it. They are so desperate to receive the Lord’s help in raising their kids, that even though they were looking forward to go to a party all week, just by us asking them if the party is going to impede with them being able to keep the commandments, changed their complete view about going.

P.S. I left out in my update of the Hidalgo family last week: Otto is now in the process of preparing himself to receive the Aaronic Priesthood in October so that he can baptize his wife and daughter.


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