8/29: Uriel (aka “Gru”) didn’t go the distance :(


It looks like we are going to be able to wallow in disappointment together this week. Exactly how your investigator sent you a text on Sunday informing you that she has decided not to move forward, Uriel called us on Sunday to tell us that his mother had called him on Saturday, and she was not happy about him being baptized in the LDS Church. Just to make things short, Uriel told us that he will no longer going to continue attending our church, but an evangelical church instead. In case I have failed to mention in my previous emails, one of the main reasons why Uriel has been studying with us is because he wants to make his parents proud that he has turned his life around. He has received a confirmation from the Spirit that the Book of Mormon and the Church are true. Hopefully by explaining to him that pleasing God is more important than pleasing his mother, we hope we can get him to change his mind. The only thing that might be a challenge is seeing if we can convince him to let us come over.

Right now not only is it looking extremely ify that Uriel will get baptized, but now there is some question about the Hidalgo family. This is the family with the daughter with Down’s Syndrome. Both parents are now working daily, into the late hours of the night. They seem to have lost faith that, by keeping the commandments, they would be able to pay off their debts easier.

The good news is that the Mendoza family is progressing. Now that they have been attending church, they are looking good to be baptized in October. The father keeps telling us, “si pues” [oh, yes] every time we ask him if he is excited for his baptism.

We will have to wait and see if we can keep the dumb blondes going to church now that they are back from the coast. They threatened to kill us when I pretended to be a pizza delivery man, because they were certain that they did not order pizza. I guess you cannot joke with dumb blondes because they just take things too seriously.

And then there is Alan, who finally got permission from his boss to be able to go to church on Sundays! We will have to see if he continues to feel the same peace attending church as he felt when reading the Book of Mormon.


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