Whenever a person makes the decision to be baptized in the Church, Satan and his crew launch a full-on counter-strike

[I asked Jake to give us an update to see if they have been able to re-connect with Uriel (the one he nicknamed “Gru” from “Despicable Me”). This is Jake’s response:]

We tried to go back with Uriel to help him differentiate between the promptings of the Spirit and the promptings that come from our personal desires. Apparently he is never there when we pass by, which I think is just a load of bull. Hopefully the Lord will soften his heart enough again to receive the missionaries. It makes me sad that the very alleviation he was looking for his whole life was right at his grasp, but he let go.

Just when we thought that the cut from Uriel was deep, Alan dealt us another blow. If you recall, Alan felt the Spirit testify to him so strongly, and felt that being baptized in the Church was the only way he was going to be able to find the peace he desired to have in his life… even so much that he cried for the first time in his life. But at the end of the day, instead of telling us that he was going to continue with his plans to be baptized like we expected (especially after such a strong confirmation), instead he decided that pleasing his mother was more important to him than following the answers he received from the Spirit So sad! I really don’t understand what is up with all the family conflicts that arise in this area. Whenever a person makes the decision to be baptized in the Church, Satan and his crew launch a full-on counter-strike. That is the one thing that sucks about serving in a small village! Even though the people are more humble, they are heavily influenced by members of their families.

At least the Mendoza family is still looking good to be baptized. They now have four consecutive church attendances under their belt.

Transfers are not for another two weeks here. If I get transferred, it will probably we my last area in the mission before going home.


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