Loving the Humble and Meek People


I have grown to love the Mendoza family so much! It is going to be hard for me if I am transferred and I am not able to witness their baptism. I have been there every step of the way of their progression. I still remember the first time they prayed and just repeated the steps of the pray [see blog on ]. Now they are prepared to be baptized. Preparing them for the baptismal interview was not be an easy progress. These are very simple/humble people. It has been a head-ponding process just to help them understand what a prophet is a first. As they have grown in spirituality, it has been much easier helping them to understand everything else. Even Mari, who was always floating up in cloud-9 the first few times we visited them, has come a very long way. Her lack of knowledge in Spanish has made it very difficult to understand everything we taught her [her native language is Quiche]. The Mendoza family is just so meek, which is probably why I love them so much. It is like teaching precious little children. On the other hand, the Calmo family is such a fun family! They sure enjoy joking around and having fun. Sadly they have been criticized in their evangelical church… to the point that they no longer have a desire to go there anymore. This gives us the perfect opportunity to do what the evangelicals do with our inactive members. We have an opportunity to befriend them with all the members of Tojocaz. 


This week I shared with Jake an experience with one of our investigators in our home ward who is making great progress. We invited him to church; he accepted the invited, but never showed up. This is what he said:

The only difference between American culture and Guatemalan culture is that for Guatemalans, three hours church on Sunday is normal, since people here go to church every day, while in the states, not so much. But when it comes to “primero dios,” it is the same story. [Jake is referring to how Guatemalans will say “primero dios” (God willing) whenever you invite them to church… which is code for “no, I won’t be coming.”]



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