I can’t let God down now by getting baggy


How can I be baggy when I have a baptism of a family of 18 to prepare for? Claudia, who is just waiting for her divorce with her husband to finalized so that she can be baptized, along with a family of 18 are preparing to be baptized on the 17th of December! If I’m not working, how can I expect the Lord to bless me with such a big miracle with which to end my mission? God has already been so merciful with me, helping us get this family to go to church on Sunday. Our faith had surely been tried when only Clauida had kept her commitment to go to church for the last 3 weeks. Ever since we decided to work even harder to find more people to teach, rather than getting disheartened, we were able to show God enough faith to be able to see such a huge miracle. During this last appointment with them, they inquired about what they need to do to prepare themselves for baptism, it is looking very likely that God has already put into their hearts the desire to be baptized, so I can’t let God down now by getting baggy. It is only through my diligence that He will be able to use me as an instrument to bring these precious souls unto Him.


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