Satan Works Hard to Impede the Work of God


Satan is definitely trying the faith of the Lopez family. I am thinking that I am going to have to buy bubble wrap next week to keep the family out of harm’s way. Just when you would think that there is no way two accidents could happen two consecutive weekends, we ended up getting a call from Cristi telling us that they were not going to be able to attend church because they ended up having to use the car to take their niece, Melisa, to the hospital resulting from a trip, spraining her back while walking over to their house to go to church. The good news is that they have decided to follow the admonition of Job, and remain faithful to God, having faith that the reward they are going to receive for enduring these trials will be much bigger.

The members have not been the best support for them during these times of trial. It is hard to get them to open up their inner circle group of friends. But luckily, their motivation for joining the Church is not to please anyone besides God, which is the motivation that many members lack, which explains why so many go inactive.


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